Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

Why Sex Is Good For Your Health

Most activities we follow to stay in shape, like dieting and exercise regimes, are sometimes unpleasant and require some sacrifices. What if there was a much better way to keep you healthy along with being pleasurable? Sex not only helps cement an emotional relationship with your partner, but it also helps release anger, frustration and resentment that sometimes builds in the course of a relationship. Regular indulgence in safe intercourse can have numerous health benefits and here are some ways it could benefit you:

  • Promotes Longevity

If you are looking to spend more time staying alive and fit, sex is your answer. Studies have shown that frequent indulgence in good sexual practices helps provide longevity to your life, more so for males. However, this data relies heavily on the the sexual act culminating in an orgasm. Ejaculation is the prerequisite to avail this benefit of sex. Our pleasure pathway play a huge role in the survival of the species. According to recent studies, frequent orgasms, at least 100 per year, can increase Life Expectancy by 3 to 8 years. Here, the emotional aspects that lead to a longer life also come into play. Many people lose their lives or will to live due to emotional baggage of being lonely or experiencing boredom. Nothing can aid a long life more than reinforcement of your self-worth, and the physical touch can help enhance your self-esteem a great deal.

  • Self-Confidence

Sex has been found to provide meditation-like benefits to your body as it lights up similar areas of the brain when in action. Contrary to the taboo attached to a sexual act, being able to successfully portray your sexual prowess helps you develop confidence. It helps you become more self-aware and in tune with yourself and your surroundings. A deep sense of mind clarity is experienced that helps ease your creative as well as daily decision-making process. However, this plan sometimes backfires when the sexual act is traumatic or disturbing in any way.

  • Lose Weight

Sex is essentially a physical activity and requires stamina and flexibility. Performing sex everyday helps burn calories; nearly 50-60 calories can be burnt in a 45 minute session. It targets your pelvic region, legs, belly and abdomen. Due to the release of cortisol during intercourse, belly fat is reduced, thereby helping a great deal in flattening your abs. Utilizing several muscle groups, one sex session is equivalent to spending 15 minutes on the treadmill. Although, sex cannot replace a gym session but a little extra physical effort never hurt anyone, right?

  • Heart Health

Imbalance in hormones plays an important role in the occurrence of heart attacks and other heart-related diseases. Sex helps keep hormones like estrogen and testosterone in check. Studies suggest that intercourse for more than twice a week can significantly drop the death rate due to heart attacks and helps maintain heart health. The increased heart rate during the act itself helps promote blood circulation, especially in the brain. Having sex regularly drops the cholesterol level, balancing the ratio of good cholesterol to bad cholesterol which inherently keeps heart disease miles away. In the long run, it is also beneficial against Alzheimer’s due to the brain stimulation it provides. Sex does not necessarily cure heart disease but it is beneficial for an overall heart-healthy lifestyle.

  • Improves Sleep

A body-shattering orgasm has a very relaxing effect on the body especially because the hormone Prolactin is released during sex which is considered to be a natural sleeping aid. It also boosts a sense of relaxation and sleepiness. Post-coital sleep is one of the best quality sleep you will experience. Another hormone released during coitus is Oxytocin or the happy hormone, which helps you feel closer and intimate with your partner, fulfilling your need to belong. But apart from giving that coupling feeling, it also helps induce a deep state of relaxed sleep.

  • Helps protect against Prostrate and Breast Cancer

Women are often advised to keep massaging their breasts to stimulate the blood circulation and keep tumors or clots away. Foreplay involving massaging of the breasts could therefore help keep breast cancer in check. For men, Prostrate Cancer is caused due to harmful secretions from this gland and sex helps to eliminate these secretions, protecting this gland. Frequent ejaculations, especially among men in their twenties helps prevent the development of Prostrate gland cancer in the future. However, frequent ejaculation is the key here, therefore, the mode of ejaculation does not necessarily have to be sex. Masturbation or nocturnal emissions can also provide similar effects.

  • Look Younger

Sex is going to give you a hand in throwing out the anti-aging creams and beauty products out of the window as studies have shown that sex is effective in improving your appearance and might aid a younger looking skin. This relies heavily on the hormones estrogen and testosterone as they are the ones involved in keeping you young and vibrant. Estrogen specifically works on those lustrous locks and that soft skin you have been dying to own. Testosterone solidifies bone mass and increases muscle flexibility. Apart from that, sex helps increase the production of pheromones- the chemicals responsible in making you attractive to the opposite sex. Your pores will appear more cleansed and skin will appear brighter with frequent indulgence of sex keeping skin diseases like dermatitis at bay. Collagen production shoots up, making the skin more firm, soft and supple. Also take a look at Herbs For Sex

A pleasurable activity that aids better health is a dream come true. No need to fret if you missed that one day at the gym. Your bedroom sheets are a super fun alternative waiting to be explored!

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