8 Health Benefits of Brahmi

Health benefits of supplementing brahmi

Brahmi is a bitter-sweet medicinal herb that has been prominent across several cultures. It is a small water-loving succulent herb that naturally grows in wet, marshy topical conditions. In some cultures, it’s known as “the herb of enlightenment”, while in Sri Lanka it’s believed that Brahmi is the reason for elephants’ great memory. It’s a popular plant among Ayurvedic practitioners for its powerful results on the brain’s cognitive functions. Studies have found that the benefits of Brahmi are in abundance! It can help reduce anxiety, stress, boost memory and overall brain health. The reason behind Brahmi’s potency can be attributed to a class of powerful compounds called bacosides. 

From enhancing memory to reducing stress, this article will take you through 8 unique benefits of Brahmi.  

Benefits of Brahmi 

  • Boosts Your Memory   

The hippocampus is a part of the brain that is responsible for learning and memory. Interestingly, studies have proven that Brahmi does wonders to the memory function. We don’t know if it’s pure coincidence or not, but Brahmi’s leaf has a similar shape to a cerebellum that controls concentration and memory. This wonder herb not only helps in decreasing forgetfulness but increases concentration and focus too. In fact, Brahmi has also been used to treat learning disabilities like dyslexia. 


  • May Prevent Anxiety and Stress


This brain tonic is known for its efficacy in decreasing cortisol levels- the hormone responsible for stress. Brahmi helps in regulating these hormones when activated in stressful or anxiety-ridden environments. You now know what will elevate your mood during such situations! 

  • Reduces Chances of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease  

As you’ve read previously, Brahmi is a memory and intellect strengthener and helps in focus and concentration. But did you know that studies have found that Brahmi contains a bio-chemical called bacosides that helps in restoring degenerated brain tissues? Therefore, this herb helps to ease symptoms of Alzheimer’s and Parkinsons’ disease as studies suggest that it improves circulation in the brain and improves general cognitive and neurological functions.  


  • Helps Strengthen Immune System 


Regular consumption of nutrient-packed Brahmi capsules could strengthen your immunity by fighting against free radicals that cause damage to your immunity cells. The antioxidants present in this medicinal herb helps to increase the response time of your immune system when faced with harmful foreign bodies like bacteria or fungi. 


  • Facilitates Sound sleep


Simply consuming Brahmi in a liquid or supplement form before bed helps in calming and reducing tension or stress. Bid adieu to sleepless nights, because once you try Brahmi, you’ll sleep like a baby. 

  • Powerful Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Brahmi is a source of powerful anti-inflammatory properties which is effective in reducing inflammation in the throat, respiratory tracts, joints, and even body aches and headaches. Do recommend Brahmi to your family or friends that have problems like arthritis, or aches in the body. 

  • Blood Pressure Regulator 

A study found that Brahmi can reduce blood pressure without significantly affecting heart rate. It has been found to increase the use of nitric oxide and aids vascular muscle function, which is known to normalise blood pressure levels. 


  • Skin and Hair Care 


Brahmi, also known as Gotu kola, is known for its soothing effects on the hair and skin. The reason behind it is the antioxidant compounds that help rejuvenate your skin and regenerate your hair quality. These compounds help to eliminate toxins from the body and stimulate cell regeneration, boosting your skin and hair health. It’s an effective remedy for dry scalp, hair fall, dandruff, or the formation of split ends. Apart from hair solutions, Brahmi capsules help in cleansing and softening the skin.  

How Can Brahmi Improve Kids’ Brain Health?

Supplementing Brahmi may enhance kids health

Does your child have a hard time concentrating and recollecting and it’s affecting their performance at school or exams? Brahmi is the perfect solution for it as it improves cognition! Brahmi for kids is a potent herb for sharpening their memory and increasing their concentration and focus. 

How to Consume Brahmi?

For easy supplementation of Brahmi, you can choose Kapiva Brahmi capsules.

Kapiva provides Brahmi in a supplement form as well as juices. Brahmi tablet uses involve taking it twice daily for effective results over a period of time. Kapiva has a range of products that contain Brahmi. One such product is the memory max juice, which sharpens your memory and enhances your overall brain health. All you need to do is shake the bottle well before use, mix 30ml of the juice equivalent to water twice a day and you’re ready to consume it! 


Bottom Line

It’s safe to say that Brahmi is a versatile natural herb. For centuries and across cultures, Ayurvedic practitioners have been using Brahmi for brain health. The benefits of Brahmi include improvement in cognitive function like a sharper memory, better focus, and easing stress and anxiety. Apart from its effective outcome on the brain, Brahmi is also a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammant, which means it acts as a natural shield to any diseases or infections. 

Furthermore, its soothing properties have a favourable effect on our skin and hair leaving us with supple skin and strong hair. It’s most definitely a herb you must add to your daily diet for year-round wellness. 

Try out our range of Brahmi products for holistic wellness now!

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