6 Health Benefits of Gulkand

Natural Gulkand for Health and Wellness

The “King of Flowers”, roses are popular for their fragrance and charming beauty. However, ages ago roses were not only used in pursuing a love interest but also by Ayurvedic healers. In Ayurveda, roses are known as Shatapatri which translates to ‘having many petals’. They used roses as a herbal remedy in oils, teas, skincare, not only for their soothing fragrance but for their nutritional properties too. Ayurveda believes that rose petals help balance Pitta and Vata Dosha. Rose is known as a cooling herb thus pacifying the Vata dosha (dryness) and as for the Pitta dosha (heat), rose acts as a soothing agent. 

Here, in this blog, we will cover Gulkand in depth. Gulkand derives its name from the words ‘gul’ meaning rose in Persian and ‘kand’ which means sweet in Arabic. This ‘sweet rose’ is a popular Indian delicacy that delights our palate with just two main ingredients- rose petals and mishri. In fact, the health benefits of gulkand make it a must-have in your daily diet. 


How Is Gulkand Made? 

rose petals for organic gulkand

Our fresh Indian Damask pink roses are sourced from the pure and pristine hills of Pushkar, Rajasthan. Did you know that pink roses bloom only twice a year? And these special harvests are the ones you get in our Gulkand. By creating a magical recipe using Ayurvedic methods, our Gulkand is made from a mixture of rose petals and not extracts to maximize its nutritional benefits. A known Ayurvedic medicine, this tiny candy, called Rock sugar or Mishri as it is known in Hindi, is used as a healthy substitute for normal sugar. The preparation of Gulkand begins with laying the rose petals and mishri one above the other in layers. Eventually, its mixture is slowly sun-cooked to preserve its natural nutrients, flavour, and aroma. We strive to make it the best gulkand in India by not using any synthetic colour or flavours to achieve its desirable health benefits. 


Uses of Gulkand 

Apart from being delicious, Gulkand is celebrated for its versatility in consumption. Here are some ways you can savour the richness of Gulkand: 

  • Directly relish the appetising Gulkand as it is   
  • It can be used as a jam spread on chapatis and bread
  • Mix some in milk to make yourself a refreshing rose sherbat
  • Commonly used in paan, Gulkand does its job well as a mouth freshener. 

Benefits Of Gulkand

Here are some of the incredible health benefits of gulkand for your gut health, beauty, and hormonal health. 


  • Gulkand Improves Gut Health 


Here’s a quick tip, having Gulkand with a paan leaf or a Gulkand sherbat after dinner is perfect for digestion. Apart from digestion it also helps to improve appetite. Including Gulkand in your daily diet helps get rid of constipation as it softens the stools. It is also known to treat mild haemorrhoids and bleeding piles. 


  • Gulkand Calms And Cools The Body 


A natural coolant, Gulkand is effective in reducing acidity in the stomach and heartburns. Its cooling properties help to reduce problems caused by excess heat in the body. No wonder it’s a popular refreshment during scorching hot days to keep the body cool and hydrated inside out. Additionally, it prevents sunburns and nosebleeds by reducing the impact of excess heat in the body. It’s a good choice to feed your children a spoonful of Gulkand to reduce any heat-related conditions. 


  • Gulkand For Clear Skin


Gulkand is a rich source of antioxidants, making it a natural detoxifier. Excessive body heat leads to pimples, boils, and acne. Gulkand helps reduce excess heat in the body and clears out pimples, blemishes and provides your skin with a clear complexion. Although rose has been associated with skincare products for ages, organic rose petals consumed internally purifies toxins in the body enhancing our skin inside out.   


  • Gulkand For Menstrual Problems  


If you’re facing heavy or irregular bleeding during your period, or other menstrual disorders, then Gulkand is the solution for them. It is proven to relax the muscles of women’s reproductive organs and effectively reduce menstrual pain and cramps. Gulkand is also said to treat excessive white discharge and helps in strengthening the uterus.  


  • Gulkand boosts energy


If you’re constantly tired and exhausted, Gulkand does its magic by reducing lethargy and fatigue. The benefits of Gulkand for boosting your energy levels are well known. Gulkand acts as a natural rejuvenator, so take a spoonful of it daily.


  • Gulkand for eye care


Research suggests that due to Gulkand being a natural coolant and anti-oxidant, it helps in improving eyesight over time. Furthermore, it reduces irritations, redness and swelling of eyes. 


Key Takeaways

The mouth-watering flavour of Gulkand will make your regular diet more delicious and refreshing. Apart from its taste, it is a rich source of antioxidants and other nutrients. You’ll be surprised to know that a simple jar of jam with just two major ingredients possesses the ability to cool and soothe your body inside out. 

Ending with a five-star review from our customer, “This is one of the best and purest form of gulkand I ever had. We get a pure and natural blend of gulkand milkshakes for the lovers of gulkand. One must try this product for a sweet taste and 100% natural organic taste to our tongue. Highly recommended.” 

Benefits of Kapiva Organic Gulkand

So, what’s the wait for? Give our Organic Gulkand a try and we guarantee you’ll only be left wishing you bought more. 

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